Why MoleSafe?

MoleSafe is dedicated to providing a high quality, caring Skin Cancer service; with a reputation for quality care, focused on early detection of all types of skin cancers as well as timely management.

At MoleSafe you will have your skin thoroughly checked including all moles, suspicious lesions and any other areas of concern. We undertake detailed live video dermoscopic analysis of all lesions followed by high resolution digital image capture of all lesions of potential concern. These are then stored for future reference and comparative analysis. We are fully qualified sub-specialists in Skin Cancer.

Treatment options include biopsy, excisions under local anaesthetic, curetting (scraping) of low risk lesions, use of liquid nitrogen to “freeze” selected lesions, including sunspots (Solar Keratoses).Other treatment options include a range of topical applications that are extremely useful in the treatment of sun damaged skin and some low risk cancerous lesions. All treatments are assisted by our qualified nursing staff who are also on hand to assist in the after care of all procedures. All to provide the best patient care we can to give you peace of mind.